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A Guide to Vector NLS Bioresonance

The body of living things is made up of cells and organs and the cells contain atoms which vibrate and produce distinct frequencies. Nerves and other molecular aids relay messages or instructions from the brain to other organs and tissues through the spinal cord or central nervous system. Technology has really improved how services are offered and the healthcare industry has also benefitted through several advanced devices and systems. Biofeedback systems are designed to make use of the brain to read and interpret signals that indicate helpful information regarding health of a person. Ordinary systems may be unable to read and interpret the signals although the biofeedback systems can do so effectively by amplifying the signals.

The systems deploy computers to avail the results from scans making it possible for doctors to get better visual representations. Specialized computers and software is designed for the system to detect and decode the bioactivity of neurons. Since each cell has unique frequency it is possible to know whether there is a health issue based from the results obtained from the bio resonance scans. Patients are required to describe their issues to a health officer to find the source of pain in order to be given appropriate treatment. Through the biofeedback systems it is not necessary for patients to describe issues because the system detects abnormalities to indicate the source of problem.

It becomes much easier to find an effective solution to treat the condition and relief from pain when the source is identified accurately. Other than biofeedback scanning of cells and tissues, the systems could also help through biofeedback therapy which also works in similar manners. Information carried by neurons is detected and reversed during the biofeedback therapy after detecting changes and applying needed solutions. Once changes are identified, appropriate frequencies are sent back to the brain in order to heal and reverse damage. All living things are surrounded by the chakras which is essentially an electromagnetic field that manifests through electrically charged objects.

The chakras could be used to inform about the person’s emotional state and general health conditions and other vital information. While Bioresonance biofeedback therapy treats and relieves patients of pain, it also benefits the body and does not cause unwanted effects. Once the problems are identified, biofeedback therapy uses bio resonance headphones to send the specific frequencies to treat the issues. Frequencies of pathogens, microorganisms, healthy cells and tissues and other organs are stored in databases that can be accessed by the systems. Affected cells and tissues will display different frequencies which can be restored by applying appropriate frequencies through biofeedback therapy. In case a microorganism or pathogen is detected, destructive frequencies are applied to eliminate and kill these pathogens and microorganisms.

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